Plus, climate advice from Nest's Founder, negotiation tips from a former FBI exec, an interview with a zero-plastic online grocery startup CEO, and a "tech ring" to track heart rate and sleep health
Plus, the Buyer’s Guide to Financing Your Climate Venture, 12 tips for better sleep, Thanksgiving humor, and building a smokeless campfire pit.
Plus, only 5 seats left in our final Climate Mastermind cohort, climate tech to create 8 more Teslas (Gates), MC Hammer pants, box breathing, and every…
Plus, the top 10 climate investors since 2018, reprogramming our own neural nets, and the wisdom of fart analogies (?).
Plus, Socrates as a lazy philosopher, reading 100 books per year, America's kindest family, extreme weather risk-hedging, and you are more than your wo…
Plus, revolting against the morning routine, defining vs. denying reality, and a podcast interview with climate tech VC investor Aera Ventures
Plus, 23 more U.S. species are now extinct, stoicism is not what you think, and Tesla self-driving on a climate bubble?
Plus, The Happiness Project (book), sustainability-linked compensation, savoring the chaos, and a women-led "solar century" event.
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