3 of our recent climate CEO interviews

On top of these podcasts via The Climate Torch, I highlight 11 ways to ruin an investor meeting and share a video series on climate solutions via Project Drawdown.

3 Climate CEO Interviews —

(1) Scaling climate risk software around TCFD

(2) Reforesting with the world’s fastest growing tree

(3) Reimagining reusable food container logistics

Each week, I chat with climate founders, CEOs, and investors tackling climate change via The Climate Torch podcast.

Here are three recent interviews with the kind of giving and visionary CEOs that make this sector such a joy to work within.

Laura Zizzo & Jeremy Greven: Co-founders of Manifest Climate

Manifest Climate helps businesses navigate climate change risks through reporting and climate disclosure, helping them get to net zero, with a particular focus on implementing best practices from TCFD, the Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

Doug Willmore, CEO of World Tree

World Tree is a for profit, impact enterprise focused on climate solutions, biodiversity, and improving farmers' livelihood, with 500,000 trees planted in 5 countries, using the world's fastest growing tree, and sequestering 500,000 tons of GHG per year, with much bigger plans in the works.

Lindsey Hoell, CEO of Dispatch Goods

Dispatch Goods provides a reusable container logistics service for restaurants aiming to increase the sustainability and the quality of their takeout food presentation — “Restaurant takeout, without the waste!”


Capital for Climate: 11 Ways to Ruin an Investor Meeting

If you’ve ever put your foot in your mouth when talking to potential investors in your startup, then you’re just like me.

Oh, the embarrassments and follies…

This short piece I wrote is meant to help you not step in the those same metaphorical cow patties.

Check out the article here.

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Glass Half Full: Climate Solutions 101

If your stakeholders, friends, or your family ever think you’re kind of a buzz kill for always pointing out the environmental problems caused by our daily lives — I’m guilty as charged — then this six-part series may be helpful for you and them.

From the good folks at Project Drawdown, Climate Solutions 101 is the “the world’s first major educational effort focused solely on solutions. Rather than rehashing well-known climate challenges, Project Drawdown centers game-changing climate action based on its own rigorous scientific research and analysis.”

Watch it here.

That’s all, folks.

Make it a great week, because it’s usually a choice.

— Chris

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P.S. OK, last call…

If you ever considered joining a Climate Mastermind (Peer) Group led by a former private equity investor, a founder, a professor, a podcaster, a long-haired “monk,” a rainforest researcher, an impact investment banker, a writer, and an ax throwing champion?

Well, I’m your guy!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention humble, too. :)

Here’s a list of our current amazing Climate Mastermind members. Each cohort is capped at just 12 executive members — founders, developers, or investors.

We’re building our second invite-only cohort which kicks off in July. We have one seat left.

Drop me a line if that’s worth a 15-minute call.

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